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We’re a UK based digital production studio that specialises in building inventive brand identities, stunning digital products and meaningful online experiences. Combining multiple digital disciplines, we want to help you tell your story in the mediums that work best for you. 

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. Our inspiration comes in many forms, from the natural world to science fiction to the world of fashion, but our primary inspiration is YOU. What are your motivations and what do you want to put into the world? Just like our namesake animal the flamingo, we aim for unique, quirky and elegant creations that showcase what makes you distinctly you.

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Here at Pixel Flamingo we work very closely with our clients. The most important part of our process is understanding what makes your brand tick. What propels you and what do you want to communicate to your audience? From there we can we can start creating prototypes in an ongoing dialogue with instant feedback. 

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. Our small, close-knit team helps us keep a clear focus on the ethos and sensibilities of our clients, ensuring the final product not only complements the spirit of your brand, but elevates it.

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